In September, when we put Meazi into pre-k, we were both astounded as she began to learn English at record speed. We were thrilled. Communication improved, tantrums subsided, and real bonding began.

What I failed to consider was what it would be like when Meazi could tell me her story.

As the words flow from her mouth to my ears, I can’t help but say to myself, “I should have been more prepared for this.” It is one thing to read about the circumstances that caused your children to be available for adoption. It is another, more heartbreaking thing, to hear it in person from someone they are related to. What really gets you, what really cracks your heart open into a million pieces, is when a small girl with almond eyes lies next to you and tells you everything.

It makes me want to go back to the time when I just couldn’t figure out that she was asking for more red sauce on her pasta.

Red sauce I can handle.

This other stuff,

I’m not so sure.
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