Giftress Guide: Blue & White Etsy Pretties

Morning y'all! Blogging from Edward's playroom while we listen to Grover talk about the letter G on an old Fisher-Price record player.  My mother-in-law bought it for Edward after she found all of Kip's old Sesame Street records!  It brings back so many memories from when I was young.  I still have a couple more things to do in here and then I'll show you some pictures.  It's pretty simple right now because I know Christmas is going to bring lots of new additions to the room.

So that's how you wrap an elephant. 

And speaking of Christmas, one of the best things about Christmas is presents.  Let's be honest.  I actually love buying presents for people more than I love getting them.  I get a major high when I find the perfect present for someone.  I think about it all year long and take mental notes based on hints people have dropped.  If you are friends with me, it behooves you to casually mention things you like because I remember them.

Here is a roundup of things I found on the sometimes hipster Etsy, none of which are actually hipster.
All of which I, my blue and white loving self, would like to receive as gifts.  (ahem, hint hint)

I found this first Etsy shop, Nancy Nikko Design via Chinoiserie Chic, one of my favoritest blogs. How cute are these personalized book plates!

Chinoiserie Personalized Book Plates 
And these notecards are pretty cute, too.

Chinoiserie Ming Vase Custom Stationery Notecards

A crafty person might appreciate this blue floral vintage wallpaper, which coincidentally used to be the wallpaper in our kitchen when I was growing up,

Blue Floral Vintage Wallpaper 

Brunschwig & Fils Chinoiserie Toile Fabric 
I love this little oil painting of a blue and white French Bergere chair!

French Bergere Chair Original Oil Painting
And as much as I cook, I soo need this apron.

Ribbon Apron
Somebody might like some blue and white shelf paper.

Vintage Blue and White Shelf Paper 
 And, finally, I love these from The Pink Pagoda.

Navy Chinese Floral Pagoda Silhouette Glicee

Navy Chinese Floral Pagoda Silhouette Glicee 

Hope you enjoyed my little Etsy gift guide! I'll be back with more gifts galore.  Have a lovely day!

Wordless Wednesday


45 min drawing

Merry Christmas to Meeee!

House Beautiful 

and, specifically, Mark D. Sikes and his fresh, chic home (with lots of blue and white porcelain shmattered about).  Makes me real happy.  I'm guessing many of y'all have already seen it, but I just couldn't do another post without addressing how happy the cover of House Beautiful is making me (although next year I would like to request more holiday in the December issue).  

His house is soo close to everything I want my house to be someday - white walls, lots of chairs, blue & white porcelain everywhere you look, Gracie Chinoiserie wallpaper, white kitchen with marble countertops, blue & white Portuguese tile powder room, wrought-iron stair railings.

It's goood y'all: 

I know, right? Go get the issue if you want more.  There's lots more.

This is not Mark D. Sikes, but it was in House Beautiful and I like it, too.

Maine Design 
 And we need a little Christmas ...

This would be a nice gift for a blue & white lover: 

Linen Tissue Box Cover
 And, finally, I like this rug.

That's all! I'm going to be working on Edward's playroom today!!  It's almost finished and I can't wait to show it to y'all.  

glasses and tree

Starting Christmas on a High Note

Southern Accents 1999 

with the purdiest.

It's Christmastime! But First ...

Ok y'all, I totally failed on my Thanksgiving post.  I was very, very full.  I barely even looked at a blog the week so I'm really missing everyone and ready to get back.

I never usually blog on weekends 'cause that's family time, but Kip is asleep on the couch next to me and Edward is so thrilled to be home with all of his toys that he's happy playing by himself.  So here are a few pics from my fabulous Thanksgiving.  We keep it low key.  It's so rare that my entire family is together that we're just happy to be in the same place with lots of food and wine.

We Turkey Trotted.

The Suze set the table with her pretty china and blue and white.  She did a little mix and matching of everything, including the chairs as you can see. She also did the flowers after she didn't like the arrangements she purchased.  I would be too scared to ever take a flower arrangement apart, but she's a  fearless and talented 'bud arranger.

Then people slept

And dogs slept 

And now we're home


I love Christmas more than anything in the world.  I love the magic, the lights, the songs and buying presents for people I love.  It's, as the song goes, the most wonderful time of the year! So from here on out Belclaire House is dedicated to all things Christmas: gift guides, decor, tunes and all around merriment.  Gay times to be had by all!  I'm so excited!

The lights at Highland Park Village in Dallas - one of my favoritest things ever!

Peace yo's!

flower designs

New Vocabulary.

For the first time in at least two years and three months, Steven and I are having a date night. Nana is in town, and we are taking advantage of her expert babysitting skills. We are going to check into a local hotel, did I mention that we co-sleep? see a movie, and maybe get a bite to eat. We will see a film that Steven chose, or maybe the one that looks more uplifting, the one that I chose.

We may eat spicy shrimp. I have high hopes that no other diners will pelt us in the head with a piece of tortellini. We may even stay up later then 8 pm. We might.

2 years!


Suzeday Tuesday: A Sweet Moment At Home

Little Man Standing in The Suze's Window 

I'm so thankful for sweet moments like the one above.  I love watching my little man discover the world for the first time.  I'm lucky to be able to experience the greatest joy a person can experience in this little guy.  On another note, I wish I could paint.  I think the above picture would make a beautiful painting.  I feel like I could paint with lessons, but I've never taken any so I wouldn't even know where to begin. File that under "Things To Do When Kids Go To College."

Anyway, I'm taking a little bloggy break to enjoy some time with the fam and help The Suze get ready for our family's massive binge followed by sleeps on the sofa.  We do Thanksgiving hard at our house.  I'm most excited about seeing Edward try all of our yummy foods.  I predict he loves the candied yams in hollowed out orange cups with marshmallows.  I would eat like 10 of those when I was little.  I might stop in on Thanksgiving Day with some table setting and food pictures so check back while you're marinating in your mashed potatoes and gravy. (I don't even know what that means, but it sounds heavenly) 

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

**Thank you to Simply Beautiful Now for giving me the Liebster Award.  I'm so thankful for new readers and new blog friends.  Her blog is so beautiful and has great recipe ideas and stories.  I highly recommend you visit Simply Beautiful Now and tell her hello! 
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