Growing Pains

Meazi is having growing pains, literally. Her shins hurt. I have to buy new clothes and shoes for her all of the time. I am now an Ebay shopper, bidding late into the night on used Naartjie leggings. I wake up in the morning and do an Ebay walk of shame over to my laptop, half hoping my rash overbidding has been outbid by someone who likes Naartjie more than me. I am working on her back to school wardrobe. I keep an eye open for butterflies, and purple, and 100% cotton.

She just had her last day of a month long summer program. Originally I had her in the Spanish Immersion class. She was miserable, so I switched her to art. We now have tons of painted toilet paper rolls, and decorative switch plate covers filling our rooms. She liked art. I was happy that the program was so diverse. Today, her last day, she told me all sorts of stories about her racist classmates. There was a boy who told her she was disgusting the very first week. She had mentioned it when it happened, but what she didn't tell me was that he said, "You are disgusting. Black people are disgusting." A second student told her that "Chocolate people were stupid". In both instances, Meazi spoke to the child and then to her teacher. The kids were reprimanded. Steven said the problem with all of this diversity is that this diversity apparently involves skinheads too. All are welcome. Meazi, surprising me with her strong sense of self, and her brave sense of right and wrong, believes these kids are wrong, and sad, and bullies. She feels sorry for them that they don't see how beautiful chocolate is, and how a mixed family is special. She knows to gravitate toward the students that agree with her.

I am watching her grow up. Her length astonishes me. The family bed is getting more and more cramped. She is tall and strong.

On our way to class one morning she said, "Mom, we should really get back to the zoo. It looks like on July 9th there will be a new Los Angeles zookeeper." She was looking up at a billboard for this movie. It had a Coming on July 9th banner on it. I loved this so, so, much when she said it. I love that she doesn't understand movies, or billboards, or who Kevin James is.

This moment, as I am writing this, she is sitting next to me braiding her doll's hair and asking me if I like Lady Gaga. She is wearing her new underwear I bought her at Target today, and her butterfly backpack, and nothing else. In the backpack are her doll's clothes. She says that she and her baby Sarah are traveling to North Ecuador to visit Sarah's mom. She says that she adopted Sarah, but that it wasn't because of a sad reason like her adoption. She says, 'Sarah's moms are both living".

"I think Lady Gaga is a wizard. Do you think so mom?"

I'm not sure Meazi. I'm not sure.

new view

oil on canvas

Lulu's Listing: Canoe Point in Maine

In honor of my sissy visiting me today, I'm presenting you with another Lulu's Listing, this time from Bar Harbour, Maine.  She did good y'all!  I've never been to Maine, but I'm pretty sure I could die here a very, very happy lady.  Of course, as my husband always says, if you can't live there, there's something wrong with you.

This AH-mazing cliff-side home was built in 1889 and has recently been restored and renovated.

{Listing here}

busy busy

New in Rue

Issue Six of Rue came out yesterday and I kind of liked this living room from a flat in Singapore.

Specifically, those Missoni pillows.

While it's a little more modern than my usual aesthetic, whenever I see them, I feel covetous.  I'm afraid I'm not cool enough to pull off Missoni in my decor.  (That's probably why I like it). 

Missoni in Rachel Zoe's Bedroom (via Apartment Therapy)

I've always wanted to be one of those cool, fashion-y bohemian chicks, but I'm really entirely too perky and preppy (and not fashion-y) to ever pull it off.  Perhaps I'll pick up a few items to play with in September when the Missoni for Target collection debuts.  What do y'all think? Is this too far off my grid?   

Wordless Wednesday


She's got moves.

Creole Country House

Hey y'all! Hope you had a lovely weekend.  First, I'd like to thank Tina at The Enchanted Home for including one of my posts in her roundup of Pretty Posts to Ponder.  It's such an honor to know someone out there likes something I post, especially Tina who has amazing taste! My standard for what goes on my blog is pretty much whether or not I like something, so when someone besides me takes the time to recognize a post in a comment or on their own blog it thrills me to no end!

Speaking of Enchanted, I'm completely enchanted by this Creole country manor in this months Garden & Gun (a great magazine for people who love the South).  I've literally read the article six times.  I've always been fascinated by the Old South so I'm in awe of the fact that this beautiful home is around 200 years old.  I love the brick-walled ground floor, the deep front porch and the blue shutters.

The owner is an antiques dealer who filled the home with items passed down from his own family.

Gorgeous copper pots, open shelving and farmhouse sink give the kitchen a rustic but elegant charm.  

Something about the old doors, walls and floors gives me comfort. I could never be stressed in a place like this, perhaps because of the history of the space, reminding me it's been around longer than I have.

I love the brick floors, tall ceilings and tall french doors. 

This quote from the article perfectly describes my feelings toward things and collecting:

“There’s no sense in hyperventilating over things. People and feelings are always more important, although things are important too. It’s a conundrum. I have a lot of my family’s things out in the country. I will tell you that when I stir my coffee with one of my grandmother’s silver spoons, it does make me happy. When I sit in a chair that my father gave me that came out of our house, it does make me happy. It’s a Southern thing. That attachment threads us through to our roots.”

Maybe it's the oppressive heat that has me longing for the old home we used to stay in during our summers in Georgia.  It was so hot you had to relax, the humidity literally forced you to lie down.  

To read more of the article from Garden & Gun see here.  (I highly encourage you to read it.  It's short, but full of great quotes like the one above) 

Smaller Than I thought She Would Be

It seems ridiculous to continue writing about our New York trip when this is happening, but I feel like I should finish what I started.

 Dr. LaBootie- There is no way she could have lived up to the hype. The build up was huge, and while I wouldn't necessarily classify Meazi's reaction as disappointed, the good doctor was "Smaller than I thought she would be." The best moment was when Meazi first saw the statue from Battery Park. Her eyes got big, and she could hardly believe that she was actually seeing her. That was cool.

Here are my tips:

Buy your tickets in advance, online

Take the earliest ferry. The island will be empty when you arrive. In order to do this, you'll have to get up pretty early. I feel like we escaped the hottest part of the day by going so early.

Let your children race around the moat like mud path that encircles the fair doctor...

Again, bring Uncle Mark to chase after Melese. Do you see Melese?

Go to the museum...

When we made reservations Crown access was sold out, which is ok because you have to be 48 inches tall. We did climb the 100 plus stairs up the pedestal, and saw a pretty good view from the inside and outside...

 The only drawback to taking the earliest ferry is that your kids may be tired.

You may have to let them sleep in Battery Park right after you disembark.

I think Meazi was more impressed by Uncle Patrick's (Mark's lovely partner's) lemon cake. She complained about not being able to go in the crown. I said something terse like," You CANNOT be complaining about that after we brought you to NEW YORK CITY!" We were hot, tired, and a wee bit cranky. It was not as poetic and inspiring an experience that I thought it would be. However, since then, I see that she still loves Dr, LaBootie. She came home from a summer art class last week talking about how everyone except her made a pinch pot. She made a Dr. Labootie which will be "cooked" so she can keep it forever and ever.

Have a great trip.
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