Best of Belclaire House: 100th Post!!!


You know what that means! WE'RE GOING TO AUSTRALIAAAAAHHH! (Not really.  I just got caught up in the mOment) 

I did it! The last 99 posts have been so much fun that I thought for my 100th post, I'd do a round-up of some of my favorite images.  I have absolutely loved blogging over the last few months.  I've learned so much about design, designers and what I like.  I've also met some really great bloggers who continue to inspire me! I've amassed a small group of followers and I hope you know I appreciate each and every one of you who visits each day.  If any of you have a blog, I'd love for you to add me to your blog roll so I can meet even more people who share my love for blue and white.  Let me know, and I'll add you to mine, if I haven't already.

I should probably call this a Recap instead of Best of, since it's really impossible for me to pick my favorite images.  I try to only post images I love (hence the erasing of the April Fool's Day post with the Kansas City Chiefs bedding).  Best of Belcaire House just sounded better.  Below each image is a link to the original post so if you like what you see, click away!

Here we go!

The Suze's Blue & White (from the very 1st post!)

Welcome to Belclaire House 

A Blue and White Wedding 

Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage 

My First Moodboard 

Heather's Home Office Moodboard

Pretty Seating 

Banquette Love 

French Country Chic in D Home 

I'm ready for Spring! 

French Blue Friday 

The New Trad Home 

A Conservatory 

Lovely Rear 

 Fab House with Lots of Windows

French Country Chic in D Home 

A Screened-in Porch

Screened in Porch Inspiration 

A Craft Room 

Reader Request: Sewing Room Ideas 

A Mudroom

Take Off Your Boots and Stay Awhile 

Fabulous Desk Area (girly and all for me)

Office Inspiration 

A Pretty Vanity


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