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green rococo shoes

oil on wood block, 10" x 10"

Hump-Day Happies: Etsy Prints from Trafalgar's Square

I have been spending a lot of time in the nursery this week.  A lot.  The munchkin is teething and has a cold and has a habit of climbing to a standing position the second he opens his eyes.  It's pretty amazing how quickly he gets up there and I'm pretty sure he's confused about why he's standing once he fully wakes up.

Oh heeeyy Buddy! 

Needless to say, lots of late nights rocking and staring at the wall (or my little man who is an adorable mouth-breather at the moment).  One of my favorite elements of the nursery are the baby elephant prints I ordered from Trafalgar's Square on Etsy.

I just think they are so sweet.  I found them long before I was even married.  I remember thinking I would use them in my nursery someday.  It's sort of surreal that "someday" is now.  But really, how sweet is this little guy?

If I ever write a children's book (which I would love to do someday), they would have to be my illustrators.  Note: The Suze only likes children's books with "sweet illustrations."  "Make sure there are sweet pictures and take note of the illustrator," she says.  Perhaps her penchant for aesthetically appealing children's books is why I only like to look at pretty things now. 

Anyway, Trafalgar's Square has a number of new prints and characters and they are all so adorable.  Here are some of my favorites: 

Wishing On A Star

Baby Mine

A Little Bird Told Me

Keep Rolling

Royal Lion 

Royal Sea Turtle


They also have Trafalgar's Paper Co, which has notecards, invitations and bookplates.  I think I may use the last image for Edward's first birthday invitation.  His favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe and he loves anything red so this would be perfect.  I can't believe I'm already thinking about that! 

For more nursery images see my original post Then Comes Baby in a Baby Carriage.

Happy Hump-Day!

flower rococo shoes

oil on wood block
10" x 10"

Wordless Wednesday

We have a winner!!

Melese and I are very happy to announce that AMY is the winner of the Converse sneakers! WaHoo! And further evidence that the blogosphere is full of kind and generous people, Amy is going to use them to help others.

Amy is the proud mama of an adorable three year old named Lila. Lila was adopted form Nepal. Amy brought my attention to a terrible situation happening in Vietnam right now.

The Bac Lieu 16 have a Facebook Group, and here is their petition to congress. Sad stuff.

Amy is planning to auction off the Weeds shoes, and donate the money to this cause.

Wouldn't it be something if these shoes just kept do-gooding over and over again? What could one pair of green sneaks do?

Congratulations Amy. And thank you.

Suzeday Tuesday: Short and Sweet

This week's Suzeday Tuesday is going to be short and sweet because I have 4% left on my battery and it's suddenly not charging.  But first, thank you to all of you who visited from MFAMB yesterday and especially those of you who left such nice comments!!! It made my day! 

For my new readers not familiar with The Suze see here. In a nushell, she's my mama, she lurves design and lives in a dream world in her head that sucks everyone in because it's an awesome place to be.  Every Tuesday, I post some images from her extensive collection of files over the past 30 years.  It helps her stay organized and we get to enjoy lots of pretties from the past. Here's a pretty console that she clipped from somewhere long ago.  Lots of loveliness going on here.  

Have a lovely day y'all!

velvet rococo shoes

oil on wood block
10" x 10"

Coral Velvet Delight

Hey y'all! So over the weekend in a fit of design blogger nerd-dome awesomeness, Jenny of MFAMB and I decided to make dual mood boards based on a delicious coral velvet headboard she found on Craigslist for Washington DC.  In case you haven't heard, Jenny has magical Craigslist prowess and manages to find beautiful things that us amateurs could never uncover.  For all my KC peeps, you must go here and see what she did with our notoriously lame Craigslist last week.

I must confess, I make mood boards when I'm stressed out or bored, so this was a fun work-job for me.  (The Suze used to call crafts and stuff work-jobs when we were little). So given that I have a teething, runny-nosed 9-month old, I made two mood boards while he slept on me (the upside of a sick baby is that they're super cuddly).

The first one was almost too easy.  It's how I would use it in my room if I had enough dolla bills.

In this next one, I tried to challenge myself to play with color and do something a little outside my usual style.  I went with a coral, gold and gray color palette and found this amazing art deco french rug on 1st Dibs that pulls it all together.

Now head on over to MFAMB and see what she did with the coral velvet deliciousness (it's real good).

Thanks Jenny! xo

yellow rococo shoes

oil on wood block
10" x 10"


drawings ready to paint

Sunday Garden Tour

Slim Aarons

"attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places"

I have become a huge fan of Slim Aarons' photography, especially his poolside images.  I must confess, in my head, I am in a Slim Aarons photograph all of the time.  In his own words, he photographed "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places," which is so my cup of tea.  (Call me shallow, but I did the whole date a tortured writer and read Dostoyevsky thing in college and, let me tell you, it is incredibly exhausting).  I think I love these images because they remind me of my grandmother.  She could have fit right in to any one of these pictures. 

Have a lovely weekend y'all! I hope you're able to get in some pool time, and if you do, close your eyes and imagine you're one of these fabulous people.  

vine charcoal figure drawing

about 5 min each pose

It's A Perfect Day

to be by the pool.  I will take any one of these (rambunctious children are welcome too).

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