Another Obsessive Bedding Post

Ok, so no sooner did I hit publish on my bed pillow post from yesterday, when I came across another possible contender for my bedding situation.  It's never ending y'all.  It was this post over on House of Turquoise where guest blogger Amanda from Dixie Delights was showing some very impressive before and after pics of her home (seriously you must check it out) that I stopped on this image of her barstools.

So pretty right! The fabric is Chatelet Breeze and I'm in love with the background color.  I would bathe my whole room in that color if I could. Walls, floor, ceiling, windows ... everything.



= my idea of heaven 

While the price is great on the fabric, the minimum order is 25 yards, which I definitely don't need right now.  It may be worth it later on down the road.  Sooo the search continues.  I'm loving my all white bed at the moment.  Judging by the crickets yesterday, no one loves the basement pillows? It's ok, they look better in real life and they are only temporary until I can afford 25 yards of Chatelet Breeze or 5 yards of something real fancy.  

See the rest of Dixie Delight's guest post at House of Turquoise HERE (It's fabulous y'all!) 
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