Moodboard Monday: Midnight in Paris

Morning y'all! Last week I posted about the lavender and white hotel room in Midnight in Paris.  I made a moodboard to go along with the post, but I couldn't get it to download properly.  So here it is appropriately for Moodboard Monday, which I haven't done in awhile.   

Not gonna lie, I could live here.  I probably overuse the Stark antelope carpet in all of my moodboards, but it just seems to work in all of my dream rooms.  I love it so much.

Other elements of my Parisian-inspired bedroom:

Dare to dream, people.  Dare. To. Dream.

sketchbook drawing : elbow

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Timothy Whealon

Well folks, our pool is open, which makes me incredibly happy.  We need new lounge chairs and patio furniture so we'll be spending our weekend looking for something I can bathe on. I think I need some elephant statuettes as well.  We have a huge backyard and a gigantic pool so it's like trying to furnish a ballroom.  Hope y'all have a lovely weekend! 

More pool posts from moi

My friend Tobe is trying to furnish her patio, too.  She's got the right idea (because she's awesome)

A blue and white outfit I would like for myself

A great round-up of Benjamin Moore paint colors

Kip's birthday is Tuesday!! I will be attempting to make this strawberry cake

"the white idiot writhes on his chair, begging for cheeseburgers"

My current beauty obsession

Minty is finally online - go buy some fun stuff for me
I really want some of Jenny's art, like this or this 

painting : value study after Wyeth

Speaking of Paris ...

* Photos by Paul Ferney on Instagram

Sometimes, I have moments of sadness that I can't just pick up and go to France and walk around Paris with my skinny jeans, scarf and pixie haircut (I'm 110 lbs in this dream) and just be all like annoying and independant - The Ethereal Weirdo if you will (see Mindy Kaling's article "Flick Chicks" in the New Yorker or better yet, read her book).  I'm just being dramatic, I don't really ever have actual sadness about it, but I wonder what it would be like.  Fortunately for me, I have embraced technology and have a little app on my phone that you all know and love called Instagram (said in an old Jewish lady's voice).  I also follow fabulous artist Paul Ferney.  I'm dying to have one of his Little Paris Paintings (ahem, Kip).  Anyway, he walks through the streets of Paris, snaps pics on his phone and Instagrams them for all to see.  This is why I love technology.  I can be sitting in line at the DMV, look down at my phone and see Paris through the eyes of an artist.

sketchbook drawings : figures in environment

Midnight in Paris: Lavender & White

Kip loves to watch movies over and over and over.  Many times he puts one on to fall asleep and then passes out five minutes into it leaving me to finish the movie.  Then he tries to watch it again the next night because he "hasn't seen it in awhile."  Sometimes the movies are questionable sleepy time movies, like Gangs of New York or The Departed.  I cannot watch anything violent, upsetting or disturbing before bed (or really ever). I'm very passionate about this rule so I usually have a nice little freak out on him when it's something like that.  This week it's been Horrible Bosses or Midnight in Paris.  I loved Midnight in Paris and am happy to watch it over and over again.  

I love the hotel room where much of the movie takes place.

The scenes were filmed in Le Bristol Paris.  I've been really drawn to lavender and white lately.  I'm thinking this would be great for a guest room or a young girl's room.

This room is so pretty and fresh and elegant.  I've never really been a big purple person, but that's starting to change.  I love lavender and white together paired with pale blue or silver sage or just on it's own with gold accents like in the room above.  Here's some more lavender and white for y'all.

Southern Accents
Phoebe Howard

via Pinterest
via Elements of Style

via The Decorista 

from my files (I can't remember the source)
Kendall Wilkinson

via Pinterest
Elle Decor
Knight Carr & Company

Basically, I love a touch of lavender and lots of white or pale blue. Thoughts? Now if you haven't seen Midnight in Paris go watch it.  It's fantastic! 

Have a lovely day! 

P.S. Is anyone else having enormously frustrating formatting issues with blogger today? The white space at the top of this post is turning me into a crazy person.  I almost gave up on this post 6 times.  Just thought I'd check.

sketchbook painting : japanese antique bell

Street Style

KOURTNEY Kardashian


Trad Home Spring 2012

Morning y'all! I'm back from my self-imposed time-out.  Last week was rough with my little munchkin having pneumonia and then my husband and I got a touch of the flu.  I'm happy to report we are all healthy finally.  I had my college girlfriends in town for the weekend and we took off for Columbia, MO on Saturday to relive our college days.  I might be an old bubbie, but I could not get over the outfits these young ladies were wearing.  Lots of mini-skirts and Kelly Bundy dresses.  It was really just at this one bar, but there were lots of cute girls dressed as prostitutes.  We always laugh because when we were in college everybody wore "black pants and a cute top."  I'm sure we pushed the envelope of good taste as well so I won't judge. Anyway, it was a superfun weekend and just the break I needed to feel like myself again.

Sunday, I needed some couch time if you know what I mean, so I had a chance to look at the Spring 2012 issue of Trad Home (Traditional Home's toe-dip into the world of digital magazines).  Here's what I liked:

Loved these rooms by designer Allison Hennessy, especially this entryway.

Kip would love this outdoor terrace.  He loves outside, golf and brick.

While a little more contemporary than my taste, I do love the mix of textures and the soothing colors in this bedroom by Tamara Kaye-Honey:

Sunny, happy rooms by Grant K. Gibson, a designer I've admired for awhile now. (Love the blue door peeking from behind the window in the kitchen below) 

Timothy Whealon designed this fresh lavender and white bedroom, which might be my favorite room in the entire issue.  It was just a small image and not part of the New Trad Designers round-up, but I loved it the most.  

I also really liked the bedrooms in this South Carolina beach house designed by Birmingham designer Tammy Connor.

All of these rooms are so fresh and light, which I tend to migrate towards more than dark and heavy.  Overall, it was a good issue, although looking back at my post on the first issue I think I liked that one better.  If you want to check out the Spring 2012 Trad Home see here.  Hope y'all have a great Monday!

See my roundup of favorite rooms from the first issue of Trad Home here.  
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