Christi's Chic Home

Ok y'all, this is my friend Marissa.

She's a model  my bestie, and she knows me real well.  So when she called me and was all, "OMG, you have to see my friend's new home!," I was all, "Woot, Yeah Gurl!" Just kidding.  I don't know why I'm acting like we talk like that.  I've been up since 4:30 am. 

But really, I was so excited to see her friend's new place.  Christi is the very talented photographer behind Candid Chic Photography in Fort Worth (if you have bebes in the area you must get a hold of her).  She also happens to have great taste and an adorable home that she graciously agreed to let me share with y'all! 

She's great at styling vignettes and I love these peacock prints in the pretty frames! 

Another expertly styled vignette.

 I love the fun colors she uses in this office.

Oh heeyy Whitney! How did you get in here with your adorbs bebe Shep? (See Shep's fab nursery)

Can I come sleep in your bed? Is that awkward to say? How gorgeous are those monogrammed pillows!

This dining room is super fun.

Bar + Champagne = My happy place

I need her to come to my house and style my bookshelves.  

I love the all white backdrop with splashes of color.  

I mean, really, super adorable!  Thanks so much Christi for letting me share your home! 

Wordless Wednesday


Playroom Inspiration

Leta Austin Foster 

Miles Redd

Ugh I've been thinking about this playroom since January y'all! Now I have less than a month until Edward turns 1 and a family room that is overrun with toys and it's time to make some moves.  The problem: I would like the room to look like one of the rooms above, which is probs not happenin'.  Sigh...

This was my original moodboard.

I still like it, but I'm too lazy to paint the walls, which are currently a pale blue color from Restoration Hardware.  I also think I need to bring in more bright colors, since it is Edward's playroom and not my own personal sanctuary.

Me and Katy B. in her awesome playroom circa 1983! 

The good news: Kip and I moved all of the stuff out of there this weekend so I pretty much have a blank canvas.  I'll be interested to see how it comes together.  Of course, I'll share it with y'all when it's up to par, which may be next year ;)


On my mind ...

Edward's 1st Birthday Party! It's the only thing I can think about.  Well, that and his playroom, our new living room wallpaper, weaning the child, feeding the child something he likes, cleaning out my closets, really cleaning everything. I told Kip, if I get the urge to clean, go with it because it doesn't happen often.

Anyway, aren't these invitations cute?! They match the pictures above his changing table in the nursery

I saw them long before he was even a glimmer in my eye and knew I wanted them for my future little boy.  I'm hoping I can get them in time to send them out for his birthday!


Start Sanding

Dear Melese,
Mommy and Daddy are on their way, please don't worry. We love you very much. Meazi is okay, and we will all be together soon. Your teachers will take good care of you until we get there. We love you so very much.

I just had to write an earthquake kit letter for Melese. It is a letter for him to open if there is a big emergency WHILE HE IS AT SCHOOL. Did I mention that he is going to start school on the 6th?

This 'in case of earthquake' letter pretty much sums up how I feel about Melese going to school. I feel like I am leaving him in a room without power, the earth shaking, with strangers who are kind, but not his family.

I know, logically, that school will be wonderful for Melese. He is only going three morning a week. He has dear friends in his class, and he loves visiting there. It is a lovely little school that follows this nice philosophy. He needs to be around other kids. It is a good thing. I know all of this.

I am still having a little trouble with the idea. The problem with all of this attaching we have been doing for the last two years is that I AM REALLY ATTACHED TO HIM!

It will be a challenging transition for both of us. He still seems so young to me.

I just Googled 'How to Remove a Barnacle' and the first result said, 'Start sanding'.

It is only nine hours a week. This might be a good thing too, the nine hours to myself. I might actually have time to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer instead of finding the wet clothes several days later, and just rewashing them because they are a bit moldy smelling. I might even haul my flabby bleg (it's not leg, it's not butt...what is it?) to the YMCA. The possibilities are endless.

Still, in my mind he is cowering in a door frame, his pants wet because no one reminded him to use the potty, tears streaming down his face. He is clinging to a picture of Meazi, and this lame little earthquake letter I've written him.

I know, I know- I am the barnacle. Not him. He needs to remove me. I need to be sanded off.

It is just that it happened so fast. I miss him so much already.

Summer Sunday Sundae

hello moleskine

Bold Beauty

Meazi told me she wanted to do something for my sister's wedding. I mentioned to her that folks sometime make speeches or toasts, and maybe she'd like to do something at the rehearsal dinner? She said, "I don't want to make a speech mom, I want to sing a song." I suggested, You are my Sunshine. She shook her head no, and told me she had a different idea. She picked a song, picked some lyrics for three verses, and rehearsed it a couple of times when we were at the lake the week before the wedding.

The day of the rehearsal dinner she told me she was going to tell Tarek and Kate about the song. I told her to keep it a secret and surprise them. During the dinner she said, "Mom, when should I do my song?" I had heard a rumor that the groom's friend William was going to speak. We told William that Meazi wanted the mic after he was finished speaking. I told Meazi that she might want to introduce herself, and to say who it was for.

She boldly marched up after William, grabbed the mic and said the following:

"It's Meazi. This is a song for Kate and Tarek. It is a song from my brother's music class, and it's called, There is a Little Wheel a Turning in my Heart."

Then she sang:
There's a little wheel a-turning in my heart
There's a little wheel a-turning in my heart
In my heart, in my heart
There's a little wheel a-turning in my heart

There's a little song a-singing in my heart
There's a little song a-singing in my heart
In my heart, in my heart
There's a little song a-singing in my heart

There's a little sun a-shining in my heart
There's a little sun a-shining in my heart
In my heart, in my heart
There's a little sun a-shining in my heart

As Melese said this morning, two weeks later, "After her song, the crowd went wild mommy!"

And they did. The crowd went wild. There were tears and applause.

It was beautiful.

I said, "Meazi, weren't you scared singing in front of room full of strangers?"

She said, "Mom, those weren't strangers. They were family."

And yes, that song is the first song Melese ever sang to me.

I believe my sister may have had an ugly cry.

Maybe Tarek too.

Good stuff.

Guest Post: Arcadian Home Decor - Modern Vintage Love - Breakfast Rooms

Well, y'all, I'm officially sorry for partyin'... ok not really, but I'm still exhausted.  So the folks at Arcadian Home Decor have been nice enough to write a guest post so I can have the day off and rest my  tushy.  They've include some really cute breakfast rooms so I hope you'll take a moment to browse the goods.  Have a lovely weekend!

If you're not familiar with the concept of a breakfast room, it's essentially a separate room in a home meant for eating breakfast, although the term has broadened to include breakfast nooks. The home accessories and décor are kept very casual. In this round-up, you'll find breakfast rooms that are open, airy and fresh -- just what you need to inspire the start of your day!

Breakfast Rooms
Elle Décor via

In this stately breakfast room, you'll find a neutral color palette of brown, white and tan. What brightens the space is the designers collection of 19th century Chinese ceramics, including the blue-and-white vase

                                Breakfast Room
Décor Pad via Traditional Home Magazine

This breakfast room is so cute. A marble-topped Saarinen Tulip table and Eames Plywood dining chairs are the perfect pairing in this small space. Orange paisley roman shades and orange tulips add pretty pops of color.

                                 Breakfast Room
Chattafabulous via Domino Magazine

This antique table painted in a glossy black adds a bold contrast to white furniture, floors, walls and the ceiling. The result is a casual country cottage look.

Breakfast Room
Southern Living via

If you don't have an extra room to use as a breakfast room, create one in your kitchen. In this alcove, a set of white slipcovered chairs are paired with a pillow-topped bench and a pretty table. Add a punch of color with pretty table decorations and fresh flowers to really brighten the space.

Breakfast Room
House to Home via

Here's a breakfast room that perfectly represents glamour done casually. The shapeliness of Saarinen's Tulip table is accentuated with chic, high-back dining chairs, while an art deco credenza and sultry wall art add sex appeal.

                                Breakfast Room
Coastal Living via

White with accents of mossy green and silver are pitch-perfect in this breakfast room. Love that cute white antler light fixture hanging over the table!

You'll notice that many of these breakfast rooms have used Tulip tables and relatively small dining chairs, and that's to save on space and imbue a sense of casualness. Look for round tables and small dining chairs, but keep it fun with brightly patterned or colored home accessories.

Content provided by Arcadian Home Decor, a site that specializes in top quality home decor items at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

new sketchbook online

new sketchbook on my site here.

AbFab Wedding Part 3

I told you before, the weekend was a non-stop party, which is why I'm still recovering.  (I may never be the same).  I didn't take any pictures at the actual wedding as I was busy attending to the bride and dancing my tushy off - I was so sore the next day.  Not to worry, my sissy took some photos.  Also I have a feeling some better photos will be published somewhere, someday and when they are I'll point you in their direction.  The wedding planner, Todd Fiscus of Todd Events, is such a creative genius and it would be a shame not to share some actual professional images of this awe-inspiring party.

The rehearsal dinner took place at the Aspen Meadows Resort in a room surrounded by windows and the most beautiful view I have ever seen.

The flowers were understated (aside from the gorgeous bouquet you saw at the entrance) to fit with the contemporary surroundings of Aspen Meadows. I loved the chairs (notice the bride draping her jacket over the chair - she looked stunning that night).

We finished off the evening with a rowdy concert from Texas country singer Robert Earl Keen.  We were all a little star struck.  His music was the soundtrack to our high school days and I don't think any of us ever thought we would be dancing to his music at our best friend's wedding!

Finally, the wedding day arrived and we were all excited to see what was in store for the evening.  The bride chose Chaparral Ranch for her wedding venue and it was spectacular.  It didn't rain, but there were beautiful dark clouds over the mountains as you drove in.  It added to the romance and excitement of the night.  These pictures are outside the tent they constructed for the ceremony.  Her colors were hydrangea blue, gray and white and they looked beautiful against the green backdrop of the mountains.

And then there was the reception ... 

I love that picture because my sister took it just as they walked in to the room.  She said people just gasped and got out there cameras.  Those bubbles hanging from the ceiling are tiny candles. 

The entrance was a large hydrangea arch. 

The dance floor was only empty for a few seconds. 

The bride wanted to end the weekend on a high note so we had nothing planned on Sunday, which was wonderful because we were able to grab a bite to eat and head home to our sweet little boy.  

I missed him so much, but I also made sure to enjoy the opportunity to have a little fun. Hope you enjoyed my pictures from the weekend! Next up, I'm planning Edward's first birthday party.  It won't be quite as fancy as this, but I'll do my best ;) 

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