Happy Halloween!

Not spooky black and white bedroom that I love very much 

I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready for Halloween to be ovah! I'm not a fan of black and orange together, and all of the spiders and cobwebs and scary ghost decor kind of depresses me.  I mean, there's really no way to get around it.  Ugh I sound so grumpy.  That's what happens when I blog at night.

Moodboard Mondays will have to start next week or when I can get myself together.  This whole "not into napping anymore" thing my child is doing is throwing me for a loop.  That and he must be watched or entertained constantly lest he get into the dog's water bowl, the toilet, the pantry or the stairs (his favorite place to play now).  Yesterday, I was showering and I turned around and he was IN THE SHOWER WITH ME! Right next to me.  In his footie pajamas.  Laughing at all the water falling on his head.

But he is pretty cute, so I just end up laughing at him all day long.

Here he is running away from me.

Yes, we've raked our leaves since these pictures were taken.

Anyway, I love reading your comments, and I promise soon, I'll be back to moodboarding and commenting an all of your lovely blogs as well! And to my new Anonymous friend whom I don't know personally but I know in blue and white spirit, I would be happy to do some posts on my favorite blue and white rooms! Stay tuned!

Have a Happy Halloween!

happy halloween

new look?

I'm considering changing the look of this blog when the new perspectives for blogger is released. Below is a preview:


Dream House Details

Thank y'all so much for the birthday wishes and for indulging me in my dream home fantasy.  If you're not reading this until 3:00 am Sunday morning it's because it took me forever to finish this post.  Edward is changing up his sched on me (read: dropping naps) and I can barely get a shower in now.  So please bear with me as posting might be spotty for a bit.

I'd like to address a few concerns from commenters on my dream home.  First, yes Allie, I will most definitely have a pool house for you to live in if you so desire.

Hopefully, it will look something like this:

The Suzeday Files 

The Suzeday Files 

The Suzeday Files 
With maybe this bedroom:

Shannon Bowers
Second, an Anonymous commenter (who sounds like my friend Crystal) expressed a legit concern when she asked, "Wait! Where's the blue & white room?" She's totally right! In a fury of blue and white-less panic, I did some online shopping for my Dream Home.  Obvsies, I didn't actually buy anything in real life, but I did purchase all of these things in my head and no one got mad at me for maxing out my Centurion Card.

18th Century Delft Chargers 

Antique Persian Rug 

Kate Long Stevenson Art

Blue and White Garden Stool 

Blue and White Ming Ginger Pots

Blue and White Porcelain Vase Lamp

Blue Hand Painted Tole Chandelier 

Vintage Side Chairs

European Trumeau Mirror 

Fleur De Lis Needlepoint Pillow

Ivory and Blue Toile Pillow 

Ivory and Blue Tole Painted Bin

La Cornue French Blue Stove 

Madeline Weinrib Rug 

Madeline Weinrib Pillow

Nina Campbell Damask Wallpaper  
Paule Marrot Blue Wreath Reproduction 

Topsail Decorated Chest 

Twenty-Two Piece Blue and White Porcelain Canton Collection

Seriously, I did that in 30 minutes, which should scare my husband because it scares me.  I'm a super fast shopper, especially with an unlimited budget :) Now I have to do moodboards for all of these. I think I'm going to try to do a weekly series with a creative title like Moodboard Monday or something.  Then maybe y'all can vote on your favorite.  We'll see.  I may be overcommitting myself.  

And, finally, on a serious note, I have to put this out there.  I would be %100 totally fine if I never got my dream home.  In fact, I would be fine if we stay in this home the rest of our lives or have to move to a smaller home and get rid of all of our stuff.  I can make anyplace a home.  I learned that from The Suze.  I would not be fine if something bad happened to my family, my child, my friends or my health.  Then I'd be like completely freaking out.  This blog makes it possible for me to have all of the things I want, which is why I love sharing it with y'all.  And just for sticking with me through the end of this post, I give you Edward Bieber and The Great Pumpkin.  

BUUUUTTTT, if I do get my dream house, y'all really are invited to my housewarming party.  I mean, y'all will actually appreciate it and I can say you were there with me when I dreamed it.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Happy Birthday to Meeee!

Yes, people, it's my B'Day.  I'm 31, but I feel incredibly immature for 31 although much wiser than I was at 21.  I think the fact that I googled "Justin Bieber pumpkin carving stencil" last night and then opted not to pay the $4 the stencil seller was charging pretty much sums up where I am in life right now.  Responsible middle schooler.  That's me.

So for this very special day, I am giving myself my dream home from my pinboard appropriately titled Dream Homes.  (You can find all of the image sources if you click the Dream Homes link.  I'm being extremely lazy because it's my birthday and I have approximately 4 minutes to put this post together while Edward dances to Elmo's World.)

Let's start with the exterior.  I'm always drawn to traditional white houses.

With black shutters (I'm not kidding, I keep accidentally putting an "i" where the "u" should be in shutters ... is my subconscious telling me I need black toilets or that I'm not posh enough for my dream home? Don't overanalyze, Jennifer.)

On a big ole piece of land with awnings somewhere on the house (probably the back yard)

and a porch

and a fun door

Maybe blue?

But if we're going to vary from the white house with black shutters, I'll take one of these. 

Or, I mean, I guess I could compromise with this house (I would totally stand on my porch all day looking all smug at the neighbors with my glass of wine, like, oh yeah this is mine.)

Inside there would be lots of white walls with beautiful millwork 

This living room is a favorite of mine

As is this dining room

Of course, a big white kitchen

This is actually my dream kitchen -  white cabinetry, black island, copper pots, marble, brass hardware (i need to find a better picture than this scan)

With this storage for all my chinas and stuff

And these light fixtures

 And perhaps an eat-in dining table

I'll need a mud room complete with a dutch door for all of the childrens and dogs and backpacks and coats.  Let's go ahead and put a little dog shower in there to rinse off the muddy paws and dirty boy gear. Love the herringbone brick floor, too.  

 A butler's pantry with glass doors and a chandelier

 A giant sunroom with lots of seating

A craft room so I can be more crafty

And somewhere in this house, I will have pink hand-painted wallpaper.  Maybe I'll have a room just for me where I can read magazines and watch Real Housewives in peace.

Also, I love the idea of a little vanity in the powder room for guests. Love the green velvet chair here.

Ok, moving upstairs, we have a little boy's room.

A little girl's room, if I ever have a little girl.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have three boys.  Remember, I'm psychic.

I still love my original moodboard for Edward's future room using the family Tartan fabric.

Now for the master bedroom.  A big gorgeous cozy bedroom with handpainted wallpaper.  No big deal. 

 And a portrait of Edward

Big master bathroom, with dark wood herringbone floors, marble and a fireplace.  Again, no big deal.

MY. OWN. CLOSET. (with Louboutins)

But really big

And, somewhere, a place for me to sit and read and not talk to anyone. Perhaps in my pink room.

A place for the kids to play

Complete with a reading nook.

Finally, the backyard needs to have a pool with blue and white pots all over the place.  I know, I'm being a little greedy, but it's mabirfday y'all!

And while I'm being greedy, I'd like this house in Charleston.  And the yacht.  I absolutely have to have the yacht with it.

Thanks for playing y'all! If I ever get this dream home, I'm not kidding , you are ALL invited.  I don't care if you're weird and a stalker, I will welcome you with open arms and security.  Let's make this happen.
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