Generating Light

A picture must possess a real power to generate light... Henri Matisse

Last week was a really heavy week at our house. Meazi has been talking a lot about death and dying. She has questions. She has memories. She is sharing every detail. It is an intense time for us. For some reason I thought we would have more time before this happened. My friends assure me that this is a good sign, and that Meazi must really trust us. Steven and I steel ourselves, and scramble to get it together to help her find the answers she needs.

On Sunday, we took the kids to their first museum. It was a beautiful day. I fully believe in the restorative, healing powers of art. I was so excited for Meazi to experience this . (Truthfully, the only way we could convince her to go was by telling her there was sculpture, or "statues" at the museum).

Melese's eyes were even bigger than they normally are...

Meazi got to create her own art...

The heavy haze of hard conversation lifted a bit.

And Meazi, showing that she fits right in with the rest of the plebes in this family, slapped a Rodin on the ass and exclaimed loudly, "BUTTOCKS!!"

Picasso, Matisse, Magritte, Moore, Kandinsky etc. What a moving thing it is to see a child see these for the first time.

If you ask Meazi though, she will tell you three things, "I got to drink lemonade, skip my nap, and really where were all of the green statues?" Apparently nothing compares to Lady Liberty. We'd better figure out a way to get ourselves to New York soon.

I think we may have generated enough light to get us through another week.

If you live in LA, and don't already know, LACMA is free for all children under 17.
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