Yes, that is my son wearing his sister's tutu.

Recently, Ruth and Aster's mom posted about meeting Jane Kurtz. (I didn't know who to be more jealous of, Katy for meeting Jane Kurtz, or Jane for meeting Katy and the twins).

There is a new version of Jane's book Trouble. It is a bilingual version (English and Amharic), and all of the proceeds continue to go to Ethiopia Reads.

Also, did you know that Jane Kurtz has a blog?

It seems that for about 10k you can sponsor your own library in Ethiopia.

I'd like to put one here, in the area where my kids are from.

In other news, Ms. M continues her campaign for a trip to see Dr. LaBootie...

She said she'd like to go for her fifth birthday.

She's really laying it on thick...

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