Old and Grateful

Meazi loves birthdays- hers, mine, yours, everyone's. Today is my birthday. About two months ago she asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and what I was going to wish for. I had to pause and fight back tears. I looked into her eyes and said,

"Meazi, every year, for the past ten years, I have wished for one thing. I have that now, and there is nothing else that I want, nothing."

"What did you wish for Mommy?" she asked.

"I wished for children."

"And now you have us?" she said.

"And now I have you and Melese, and there is nothing else that I want."

She smiled. Then she said, "Mommy, your wish came true. I will make your wish for you this year."

I am guessing my new wish involves a certain statue, in a certain big city.

Just a suspicion.

Meazi and her baby brother Melese....

Truly the best gifts I have ever received.

Lucky, lucky me.

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