Imbi! Andellem!

When we came home from Ethiopia,"Imbi" and "Andellem" (I am guessing at the spelling), were the only two Amharic words that Meazi spoke to Steven. I think the translation is, "NO" and "No fucking way," roughly. It was very hard on Steven. She rejected him, repeatedly.

Someone gave us one of the Little Mr. and Miss books like the one pictured above. There are dozens of titles. This is the one we have...

They are cute little books. We have taken dozens of them out from the library.

Meazi decided she'd like to make a book like this for Steven, for Father's Day. I asked her what the title would be. She said,

Mr. Amazing

She couldn't wait until Sunday to give it to him.

She wanted him to have it today.

I was going to post everything she wrote, but I think I'll just keep it between them.

Have an amazing Father's Day.
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