Because They'll Need Water Too..

While I was thinking about how Meazi and Melese never had "one book" in Ethiopia, a woman out east was thinking about the water situation in her son's hometown. Remarkably, Liz McGovern has just visited Mudula, Ethiopia and has started a campaign to bring them clean water. While she was there she found out the following:

Over 60% of the population in Mudula lack access to potable water.

Water is identified as the number one problem of the region.

Clean water is the top priority of the local and regional governments.

The 3 most common medical diseases are water-borne illnesses.

I'm not sure how she did it, but in two days she convinced the local government to do something about the problem. (I think she may be some kind of superhero).

More from her website:
A large spring with a flow rate of 5 liters/second is located 7km outside Mudula- potentially able to supply all of Mudula and some surrounding villages. The spring water will be pumped into an elevated reservoir and then delivered by gravity to six distribution points.

Here is Liz's website: Mudula Water.

Water, books, an education...the possibilities are endless.
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