The Way to a Girl's Heart...

In the three months that we have been home, Meazi has uttered the words,"Mommy, Meazi happy," about a dozen times. Out of those twelve times, ten of those were during, or right after eating Ethiopian food in our kitchen.

Today was my third attempt at Doro Wat.

Although I didn't hear those three coveted words, I did here these three,

"Good wat-ty Mommy,"

And these three,

"Mommy, I like it."

And these five,

"Spicy food, I like it!"

I learned a great tip from Pip & Squeak's mom. You can chop as many onions as you'd like (say a Costco sized bag) and freeze what you don't use. Then when you want to make another dish, the onion part is already taken care of.

The days of fooling Meazi about the injera are over though, "Mommy, this is not injera, this is a tortilla!"
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