Show and Tell

Meazi what was the best part of your day?

"Show and Tell!"

This is not a picture from yesterday, but it is a picture of what she looked like after school. She was beaming. Her teacher gave me a 'thumbs up' as she said goodbye to Meazi. Meazi walked out carrying the huge 11x14 framed picture from Ethiopia.  She saw a fellow student's father in the parking lot and showed it to him. He told her that he and his daughter would find Ethiopia on a map just as soon as they got home.

Meazi said that all of the kids' eyes "popped out of their heads" when they heard that she had two cows, and then again when they heard that she had taken two airplanes to get to America. She told them many things.

She was so happy. It seemed like a heavy weight had been lifted.

Meazi continues to amaze me.

My beautiful, brave, sparkly-eyed girl.
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