World Aids Orphans Day

Tomorrow is World Aids Orphans Day

When we were in Ethiopia picking up our kidlets, I had a chance to visit AHOPE. Before I did, I had been thinking about how a woman I admire very much encouraged everyone in the adoption community to look beyond AHOPE and some of the better known places when looking for a place to support. She mentioned that AHOPE was doing well, comparatively, and that perhaps we might dig deeper and find a bigger need in another place. I am sure that she is right. HOWEVER, if AHOPE is the place that is doing well, well then...that sucks.

Toys at AHOPE.

Girls' room.

Residents. (All pictures shown with permission).

Bleak. That was my impression. Bleak. Seems like they could still use our support.

Here are some ways to help AHOPE

I would recommend a sponsorship if you can swing it. You get updates, and pictures of your sponsored child. You find out that they really like tuna on their pizza, and that they'd really like to be a doctor when they grow up.

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