I Thought We Were Doing So Well

Meazi and I talk about her adoption all the time. We talk about what it means to be adopted. We watch her video Lifebook a lot. We discuss everything.

Last week, there was a scary news story about a four-year old girl who was abducted while she was playing in her front yard. We have a swing set out front. I sometimes let Meazi play out there when I am working in the kitchen. We have talked to her a little bit about stranger danger, and I have told her to scream bloody murder if someone comes near her. We have practiced the screaming.

A friend came over the other day with her two boys. (Meazi went to Pre-k with her eldest son).This friend told us to come outside to look at a giant dead snake on the sidewalk. (The hawks had eaten its head off- more about the hawks later). While we were looking for it, the younger boy walked off for a moment. There was a split second of panic as we all realized we didn't know where he was. He had walked around the corner. His mom called him back, and bent down for a talk. Meazi tried to get close enough to hear their conversation, and I asked her to give them a moment. She walked over to me and said,

"Mom, what is she saying to him?"

I said, "What do you think she is telling him Meazi?"

She said, "Not to do that again?"

"That's right," I said.

"Or what will happen?" Meazi asked.

"What do you think might happen to him Meazi?" I said.

"He might get ADOPTED," she replied.

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