Pinspiration For Our Boys' Room

So I am really seeing that having one project on my mind/to do list just isn't me. I'm constantly planning and jumping from project to project based on my moods. One big one that's on my mind is the bedroom that two of my boys share.

I have an idea of what I want. New matching white beds, black dressers, white walls and white bedding with gray wool blankets across the bottom and gray and white wool accent pillows. I also want to put cute little leather storage ottomans at the foot of each bed to store toys.

I can add color with accessories, I'm thinking pops of red. Noah is insisting on white walls which is fine with me as we need more light in this house!

I have grabbed some pics via Pinterest that I was using to get ideas. I thought you might like to see them.

Layers, layers, layers. I love a full bed with lots of cozy textures and fabrics. Breathable cotton sheets for warmer weather, flannels for cold. Always a knitted or wooly blanket at the bottom and lots of pillows! I love the red of this blanket and that's the red I want to use as an accent in Noah and Alex's room.

I'm obsessed with maps so I'm hoping to find something along this line or black and white (even better) to display on their wall.

Matching beds are a must for me!! I love symmetry.

 ButI'm thinking of using red for the shades, not sure as I usually end up using neutrals.

I love these upholstered beds and the loft play area above!

Love big black and white prints.

This patterned ceiling is super cool and adds a lot of visual interest.

Cute Army look.

Again with maps <3

And globes, another obsession.
Hope these give you some inspiration if you're in the mode to redo a boys' room.

Til next time <3 melissa

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