Have a lovely weekend y'all!

Hello Team! Well, we're snowed in today.  Edward refuses warmth and safety so we are not likely to play in the snow today, but it's very pretty to look at.  We don't have much going on this weekend, especially with all of this snow.  Normally, I would have a nice little food binge on days like this, but I'm still pretty nauseated.  I've come to terms with the fact that I could be sick this entire pregnancy.  On the bright side, maybe I won't gain the 50+ lbs I did with Edward because, let me tell you, that was uncomfortable.  Ok, I'm babbling on.  Enjoy your weekend!

I'm obsessed with the above Designer's Guild fabric.  I need somewhere in my house stat. 

Love this blue and white pillow

THIS FAMILY ROBERTSON: Edward's 1st Night in the Big Boy Bed
A little peek at his big boy room, which isn't quite ready for Beclaire House

I'm going to try this Fooducate App to help me make better food choices - Thanks Wizzie!

EDWARD'S OBSESSION: He loves this Little Brother Mouse in Matchbox
He calls him "sleepy mouse" and loves to put him to bed

My mom recently bought me this Rowenta iron - y'all having a good iron makes such a difference

BACHELOR: This Sparkle Pill Pouch would be the perfect gift for Tierra

Congratulations to Tobe from Because It's Awesome on her baby news! 

Simple Beautiful Baby Clothes that give back - love these

ETSY: pretty fabulous botanical find courtesy of Kimberly Schlegel Whitman 

The importance of maps in children's rooms

A lovely house tour

Networking tips that don't make you want to roll your eyeballs

Working with Oak Kitchen Cabinets
I love this working with what you have series from Emily A. Clark

possibly the greatest lamp find ever
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