Gratitude Is My Attitude

Hi friends! I've been kind of on hiatus for a few days. There have been a lot of things going on in my family that needed time and attention and I'm happy that I took the time off to attend to them.
One wonderful thing that came out of this little time off is the fact that I really hadn't realized how much I needed a break til I took one.
I caught up on my sleep, played with my boys, and spent amazing time really reconnecting with my husband. I didn't do any household projects!! Just did routine cleaning , laundry and cooking and it felt great!!
Sometimes I get so flustered by what isn't completed at my house that I fail to focus on important things. Yes it's nice to notice what has been done but I'm talking about the real "stuff of life". Time with family, holding hands with my husband, a good cup of coffee while we chat and just the simple task of folding laundry are all things I am so grateful for. I've been really thinking about the fact that I am so blessed to even have children and a husband to do laundry for!! I have a home that we can afford, in a free country, in a nice neighborhood and it keeps us safe, warm and dry. That's enough for a house to do~that's enough reason to be grateful for it. It really doesn't much matter that my kitchen still isn't "finished".  My kitchen held a room full of hungry, happy teenage boys, my 2 middle sons and their two friends, my baby, hubby and me. It is always full of food and laughter. Kids gathered around the island asking "Mama Owczarzak" for advice. It was a gift to watch my son Nick, his girlfriend Emily and Nick's best friend Brian run races in our backyard in the nice weather. We are blessed to be "the house" where everyone wants to congregate.
I'm not worrying about projects right now. Right now I'm happy to run the vacuum, light some candles, cook a good meal and just enjoy the home and family I have.
I hope you're feeling blessed this week ~ melissa

Below~pics of a typical weekend :)


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