The Urge to Purge

First of all, it is snowing.  Full fledged snowing.  Giant flakes that while beautiful are no longer welcome in this town. 

Second, last night I suggested to Kip that I might sell all of the furniture we don't really like on Craigslist (by we, I mean me), and then use that money to buy one or two really nice pieces.  This furniture would include everything in my family room.  My suggestion was met with a look of fear that could only be matched by a 16-year-old dude finding out his girlfriend might be knocked up.  Real fear (but then maybe a little hope for an MTV reality show?).  Sorry, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.  It's the snow and pregnancy hormones.

So here I am trying to appreciate my family room with an orchid and a nice little iPhone filter app. 

I do love my orchid, especially because it's the one plant I can keep alive.  Yeah me!  Anyway, I'm still in my PJs after spending most of the morning dreaming up a new family room.  Lately, I've really been inspired by Erin Gates' new home (of the fab Elements of Style).  She does such a great job of mixing modern and classic elements and bringing in trends but making them look not trendy, if that makes any sense.  The other day we got a peek at her house when she posted pics from her husband's 40th birthday.  Check it out here

This is her living room, and I really love what she's done with it. 
via Elements of Style Blog

Now you can see how much it inspired my own family room mood board that I had absolutely no business spending all morning on.

I know it looks like there's a lot going on here, but our family room is really big.  We need all new furniture because our current furniture is just a little small for the space.  We also have two big blank walls on either side of the large window where I'd love to hang some Griffin & Wong chinoiserie panels.  I need the room to be neutral enough that I can bring colors in and out as I please, and I love the modern touch the Barcelona chair adds to the space.  Also, I snuck in the Susie Pryor painting above the mantel.  I will own one someday, mark my words people.  

So basically, now that my morning sickness is over (finally!), I've replaced it with a new urge to purge.  I did this when I was pregnant with Edward as well, but the force is stronger with this one.  I feel a little bit maniacal about it.

Ok, now I have to go be productive and maybe throw some things away (but also go to Costco and stock up on more things).  Have a lovely day y'all!
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