Have a Hoppy Easter Weekend! (sorry I had to)

OH YES.  Oscar de la Renta Home Collection. YES.

Hellooo y'all! Any big plans for Easter?  We have no idea what we're doing and I'm fine with that.  I'm exhausted from all of the travel and baby anticipation.  I just want to be with my family.  In case you missed our MAJOR baby news (and me likening myself to Princess Diana) you should go here and then come right back.  And if you're too lazy to click (I'm often guilty of that), well then I'll just tell you: we're having another boy! You can read all of my deepest, innermost thoughts on this subject by following the link below.  Enjoy the rest of the links!

THIS FAMILY ROBERTSON: I'm Going to Be a Boy Mom
My honest thoughts about having another boy - you might be surprised

Easter Weekend Pastels

Check yourself before you wreck yourself - love this gingham tile

Mrs. Patmore Persian Cat Portrait 

EXPENSIVE PRESENT ALERT KIP: I would love this ring someday (or this one)

BEFORE & AFTER:  Great Outdoor Chaise Lounge Makeover

I'm a huge fan of Paul Schneider Ceramics

DARE TO DREAM: A home in Nantucket

Nice, inexpensive lamp find

This Spring Cleaning Checklist needs to happen at my house stat

Remember dream catchers?  Love these!  

Edward last Easter:


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