Little Wing

Tuesday is Show & Tell day. I mentioned what Meazi brought two weeks ago. Last week she brought a lovely photo book. The book was made by my friend Deb. It documents the time from our M&m 'baby' shower, to our arrival at LAX, and even the first few minutes of Meazi and Melese seeing their new home for the first time. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Last night Meazi said, "Oh I can't wait to go to school tomorrow and do that thing that adults do with those tables and those pens!" She meant voting. Her class is doing a mock voting. I said, "That's great Meazi, and what will you bring to share for Show & Tell?"

She is bringing this picture of Jimi Hendrix.

Did I mention that I love her?

I asked her what she would tell the class and she said, "That he was a great musician who played the guitar, and that he had a really nice deep voice."

I was tempted to send my I-phone with her so she could play Little Wing for everyone. Can you think of a better song to mellow out those little Kinder Kidlets and get them ready for a big day of learning about voting and the letter 'P'? (Remember when I could put songs on the blog? I really liked that). You'll have to just go find Little Wing on your own and get yourself ready for a mellow day of voting.
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