The Reason for a Blog- Part II

One of the first words Meazi ever said to us in English was 'School'. I have written about this before, Meazi couldn't wait to start school. We had planned to wait several months before putting her into any sort of school, but she was so persistent that we went ahead and enrolled her in our local elementary school.

Meazi loves school.

In the Kembata Tembaro Zone of Ethiopia, most kids never get a chance to go to school.

They are too busy working.

Here is a picture of a school in the Kembata Tembaro Zone of Ethiopia...

The Reason for a Blog- Part II, a school.

Tesfa has agreed to build a school in Meazi and Melese's hometown. I just have to raise the money.

Details coming soon. And I promise a more detailed post about the library too. Thanks to Kelly, Jenny, Stacey, Stephanie, Jennifer, Jeanne, Leah, Cynthia, Christine, Rebecca, Themia, Shiri, Susan, Jessica, Kate, Susan, Cindy, Amy and Karen, for already donating to the library.

Exciting huh?
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