The new issue of RUE Magazine is out today.  It's filled with lots of inspiration and lovely things that I might need to have.  Among them is this adorable nursery.  I love the little ghost chair and the chandelier and the pretty wallpaper.

This bedroom nook also makes me happy.

I love a good nook.  For real.  Is there anything better than having a little cozy space where you can hide? Maybe I'm just antisocial, but sometimes it's nice too hide.  

Anyway, if you have a moment, go hide and check out the new issue of RUE here.

Speaking of nurseries and nooks, check out this clever nursery nook (see what I just did?). 

Cottage Living via Nest Egg 
Sooo cute! It's making me rethink the closet in our playroom.  Like maybe it needs to be a clever hiding space complete with curtains, shelves, a painting, wallpaper and a chandelier.  Of course, it would be for our son Edward, not for me at all, hahahahaha, er.

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