AbFab Wedding Weekend Part 1

Gorgeous flowers outside this Aspen home

Ok y'all, I have not quite recovered from this weekend's wedding festivities so bear with me.  It was a PARTY.  Beyond that, it was my very oldest and bestest friend's wedding and there's nothing more wonderful than celebrating her meeting her prince charming.

Aspen is beautiful.  Breathtakingly beautiful.

(all of my pictures are from my iPhone so they may not do the weekend justice)

Everywhere you look, there are gorgeous flowers blooming.

We stayed at The Sky Hotel, which was really fun and definitely the best place for all of "the kids" to stay.  Our room was whimsical ski chalet chic, if you will.  It was really fun and the beds were super comfy. 

Here are some more pictures from The Sky Hotel web site. 

How fun are those oversized chairs in the lobby? 

The pool area saw a lot of action this weekend.

I love the cozy lounge.

We didn't use the meeting room, but I had to include it because of the antelope carpet, which also lined the bell carts.

My parents stayed at The Little Nell.  I never saw their room, but my sister was very impressed by the barn doors leading to the closet.  

Barn Doors 
We had a welcome party at The Little Nell followed by an after party at Caribou Club where I danced ... hard.  If I were ever to design a room for my husband, I would definitely use this room as inspiration. It is so masculine and warm. 

Caribou Club 
If I had a house in Aspen, I would probably spend the entire summer there.  It definitely brings out the outdoorsy side of me, which doesn't surface all to often.  It is just such a beautiful town.  I'm completely spoiled. Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 when things really get fabulous! 

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