Suzeday Tuesday: Landscape Architect Rene Fransen

Y'all remember that last week, I ran out of actual Suzeday Files to share with you.  Not to worry, The Suze is busy gathering more magazine clippings for me to share, which hopefully she'll send me soon.  So for today's Suzeday Tuesday, I thought I'd pull some images from the portfolio of The Suze's favorite New Orleans landscape architect Rene Fransen.  I don't know if she knows he's her favorite, but I know that she's borderline obsessed with these next two images and he is responsible for both!

First, there's this Jewel Box Garden, which The Suze calls The Secret Garden because she can never remember the term Jewel Box Garden.

Jewel Box Garden - Southern Accents 

And then, there's this gorgeous courtyard.

Southern Accents 
Both of which she has stapled to her bulletin boards and may even carry with her in her giant bag o' inspiration also known as her purse - yes, The Suze likes to keep many of her inspiration images with her  in case she were to get stuck somewhere and need something pretty to look at.

Rene J.L. Fransen Landscape Architects really does gorgeous work, from courtyards to sweeping lawns, beautiful ironworks, trellises, stunning entries and dramatic pools and fountains.  I've pulled many of the images I think The Suze would love, but I would encourage you to spend some time on their website for even more outdoor inspiration.  Enjoy!

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