Loverly Rooms from Leta Austin Foster

Hey y'all! Hope you had a lovely weekend! My littlest sissy Laura (y'all know her as Lulu) came in town to spend some quality time with her nephew.  Edward is a walking machine, which is rather bizarre given his size and the fact that he just turned 10 months. It's just weird to see my little baby walk into the room like a grown-up. As The Suze says, "he's walkin' short."I think back to the early days when I felt like I just held him on the couch all day and I'm really glad I savored those moments and didn't let the guilt that I should be up and doing something get to me too much.  What? Oh, you want a picture? Oh well, okayyyy, if I must...

Gratuitous Edward Picture 

As you can imagine, I spend most of my day chasing him down. He's a very busy little boy.  It's great for my figure, bad for my blog reading and writing.  I'm currently writing this post as he eats his breakfast.  I'm not complaining though.  This is definitely a fun age! 

So enough about me and the munchkin, here's a pretty family room for you to enjoy this Monday morning.  It's from Leta Austin Foster, a designer I just discovered while looking through  Farrow & Ball: The Art of Color.  I really like her work.  

In this room, I really, really love the herringbone brick floors and the window treatment details, and, obvsies, the blue and white color palette.

Here are a few more rooms I liked from her portfolio:

Lovely, right? 
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