On Magazine Subscriptions

Morning y'all! (this is a long post, skip to the bottom for a summary if you have ADHD)

I need you to talk to me for a second about magazines.  I love them, but I have let my subscriptions lapse since we are moving.  Oprah was not too happy about this.  Her "people" are sending me collection agency notices for not renewing my subscription.  It's slightly alarming to get stuff in the mail from a collection agency and then even more so to get it from Oprah.  And do you know how hard it is to get a hold of Oprah to tell her you don't want her magazine right now?? It's impossible! Other mags do it, too, and it's very deceptive.  I wonder how many people just pay the money and subscribe for fear of a credit issue.  Just thinking out loud here.  It's something I'm going to look into.

But that's really not what I'm here today to talk about - although if anybody who reads this is close friends with Oprah could you please tell her to knock it off - I'm here today to ask you what magazines you like and how you like to get them? Ever since the loss of my beloved Southern Accents and Domino (representing both sides of my dueling design demons), I've been like a lost child wandering in the woods looking for some identity.  Also, do I go the digital route and have them delivered to me over the internets or do I continue with the ancient method of prints on glossy papers, which are then bound and hand-delivered to the box that contains papers the old folks call "mail." Talk to me y'all.

P.S. Did you see Ivanka Trump's nursery in Elle Decor?

I love it.  I love the ceiling and the whiteness and how it's so calm.  Of course, I read about it on People's Celebrity Baby Blog because I don't get Elle Decor at the moment.  I loved this little blurb: 

“As impractical as it is, what I wanted for my first baby was a simple, all-white nursery,” she explains in the October 2012 issue of Elle Decor.

“Then I started reading books that said babies need color for stimulation, and I was horrified. Within a month, I'd hung one of those ugly colored mobiles off the crib.”  

I'm pretty sure we can all relate to that.  I still love an all-white nursery.  I'll probably do something like that in the next house if I am ever again blessed with a little munchkin.  They can get color stimulation in the playroom. Ok, this has been a super long and wordy post.

Talk to me y'all!

  • What mags do you like? 
  • How do you like to read them? Paper or digital
  • Are you being hunted by Oprah?
  • Am I going to have dumb children if I have an all-white nursery? 

Okay, Go.  

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