Blue & White Delights from Black & Spiro

Morning y'all!  Well, today is pretty much an overall gloomy day.  It's cold and rainy and poor Edward has a bad stomach virus.  This is his first one in life so he's totally confused about why he feels so bad and it's so sad.  Needless to say, I need a pick me up.  So I'm turning to one of my favorite designers Anna Spiro and her newly launched web site for Black & Spiro Interior Design.

I pretty much find everything about her style completely delightful.  I've been reading her blog Absolutely Beautiful Things for years, and more recently, I started following her on Instagram,  obsessively "hearting" all of her photos. 

So I finally had a chance to browse through her Projects on her web site and the first thing I saw basically took my breath away and then made me teary with joy (I'm not kidding it's that gloomy here).

I mean, Holy Blue and White, yesssssssss!

How about that gallery wall in the back??

And this whole sunroom situation??

So ya,  I'm a little obsessed.

And just for fun I included some goodies from her Instagram because that's really where she brings me the most joy.  I find it fascinating that someone I've never met, halfway across the world can post a picture of something and instantly put a smile on my face.  I love technology. 

My day is better already for writing this post.

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