Loving Home

I love my iPhone y'all. I love that i can document every moment of Edward's life and quickly google the relationship status of any Bachelor Pad couple I'm thinking of at the moment. But one of the things I love most about my iPhone is that I can snap a picture of a pretty moment in my home, play around with it and then enjoy it. I love our home and feel so lucky to live here, but I have times when I focus too much on things I want to change. That's when I employ my favorite maxim, "check yo'self before you wreck yo'self." It's the key to happiness y'all. Trust me.

I'll share some of my favorite photo apps on Friday. I have a sick munchkin today so I'm actually blogging from my iPhone, since he won't let me go to the computer.

Here's a little glimpse of Spring happening in our back yard. Our awnings are one of my favorite things about our house. I used to admire them when I walked by this house before we lived here. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that it's now ours.

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