Pretty Chintzy Inspiration

Morning y'all! First, thank you so much for all of your thoughtful comments on Friday's post re: my bedroom pillow situation.  Just to remind you, I was trying to choose between these two fabrics:

Millais (left) or Charlotte Moss (right) 

I still love them both, but I'm leaning toward the Charlotte Moss on the right for a couple of reasons.  First and most importantly, when I see it as I'm walking into my room I feel a rush of happy endorphins. Perhaps, it is the 80s Ralph Lauren vibe (I know exactly which fabric y'all are talking about - my best friend had it and maybe I was a little envious?).  I don't mind 80s to be honest.  It was a really great time in my life in which I was surrounded by chintzy florals thanks to The Suze.  Also, the Millaise matches a little too well, which makes me uncomfortable.  I need a pop of something to break up the monotony of the room.  I'll let y'all know what I decide and show you pictures, but again thanks so much for your feedback!

Now for some pretty chintzy inspiration that is moving me into an obsessive floral moment.

Isaac Mizrahi for S. Harris

Southern Accents Riverhills Show House 2009

Southern Accents Riverhills Show House 2009


Red Online

via Nib's Blog



Diana Vreeland's Bedroom

Albert Hadley in House Beautiful via Cococozy


And, of course, I can't do a post on chintz without including a room from The Prince of Chintz.

Mario Buatta

I'm going to turn into crazy flower lady if I'm not careful.  

Finally, I have something really important to talk to you about.  Come close.  Ok y'all, this is serious, I need your advice.  My coffee maker broke again.  I KNOW RIGHT????????  I'm trying to remain calm, but I want to punch someone. Who do I punch? Just kidding. not really. So I received my replacement coffee maker, used it once and the grinder got clogged again.  I cleaned it out but the coffee is weaker and I am super P.O.'d.  I don't want another replacement one.  I got it at Crate and Barrel.  I just want to take it back and have them deal with it.  The other option is to get the replacement coffee maker and take the new one back and pretend I never used it.  But I feel bad lying.  Sorta.  I did just buy it like two months ago.  What should I do? (and if you tell me to give up coffee, I will personally rip your head off and verbally assault you a la Courtney the mental giant/model from The Bachelor). 

Have a lovely day! 
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