Bedding Situation Update

Quick post today because I have a million things to do, which includes picking my wallet up from the framer because apparently one of the customers found it in the parking lot.  Nicely done me.

So I found a temporary solution to my bedding situation that involves some really pretty antique pillows I had sitting in the basement (yeah for free stuff!).  It makes me much happier although it's way far off from my usual color palette (hence their place in the basement).

The configuration looks less odd in person.  I purchased a new white coverlet and super soft white cotton duvet cover.  The giant pillow has an antique pillowcase given to me by The Suze for Christmas many moons ago. It was in Edward's room for awhile, but looks much better in our room with the tall canopy and ceilings.  It would be awesome to get another one (ahem).  Eventually I want to add a bolster pillow and replace the lamps with sconces as well as add some pretty wall art or chinoiserie.

Close-up of the found basement pillow:

Edward likes it.  He's taken to closing his eyes whenever I point the camera at him.

A little better.

Anyway, just wanted to give y'all an update.  It may not stay like this if I find something I love better, but having a white bed makes me soo happy.  

Eventually I will get around to finishing Edward's bathroom, but the weather forecast suggests I will be outside playing with Edward most of this week.  I'm not about to take this bizarre but welcome warm winter weather* for granted.  Also, playing with Edward is way more fun.

* I know, I know awesome alliteration, what?

P.S. What did y'all think of The Bachelor last night? I wasn't surprised Nikki went home.  I called him picking Courtney from the beginning because of her model-ness and his dude-ness.  I find Ben to be devoid of any emotion.  I was surprised when Kacie came back.  I have no idea why I was surprised, since it happens like that every year.  I can't wait for the Women Tell All next week!
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