Teret! Teret! About Tesfa School Number 1 of 5x3.

In Ethiopia before they tell a story they shout, "Teret, Teret!" "A story! A story!'

School number one of the 5x3 initiative has been fully funded. Tesfa has received the 56k for this school from this adorable family...
Jon, Elijah, David, and Liz Moss
From Liz Moss:

 My grandfather had an 8th grade education. He worked hard his entire life, living frugally and simply on the same farm for over 60 years of his life. He loved to see his two daughters and his six grandchildren live out life through education and travel. He rarely stayed in a hotel, preferring the comfort of his own bed. And, never took a vacation far from home, except if it was a day trip to watch a harness race for one of the horses he trained. He left a legacy of deep faith.

Four years ago, Jon and I started to fall in love with Ethiopia. It grew as we brought our two sons home (3 years ago and 1 year go). And, it grew deeper as we traveled and met the beautiful people in this amazing land. I truly have left part of my heart in Ethiopia each time I leave this country I have grown to love. I dream about it, think about it, and read as much as I can about Ethiopia. Ethiopia has changed my life--much more than just our two sons. When we traveled there last January, we went away committing ourselves to do more in the future. We came across Tesfa (actually through a chance meeting with Mike from Wisconsin in the Addis Ababa airport) and were intrigued. We have been dreaming and praying about this opportunity for the last year.

My grandparents both passed away in the last five years. Not only did they leave a legacy of faith, but they left money for their children and grandchildren. We don't understand how and why they lived on so little for so long, leaving us with so much. We truly see this as a gift and desire to give some it of away. With Ethiopia on our hearts and in our life, with a desire for everyone to have access to education, and with an ever growing faith, we desire to partner with Tesfa to build schools in Ethiopia. We are committed to this long term. The people of Ethiopia have changed my life...we're just humbly trying to change a few other lives.

 Liz and Jon's school, Tesfa's 9th, will be in or around Durame. The Moss Family is in Ethiopia now, probably on their way to see the school in Kololo.

But wait, there's more, Jon and Liz want to help raise the funds for 5x3's second school as well. In a couple of weeks, in their home state of Iowa, they will have a fundraiser with Jane Kurtz to get that second school off to a good start.

Amazing people. Amazing story.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the 5x3 survey. We are assessing location requests and moving forward. Please know that you don't have to fund a whole school to participate. If you'd like to contribute to school number 2 this second, head over to Tesfa.org.

If you live in Iowa and would like to help the Moss family with their April fundraiser, please let me know.
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