Wall to Wall Blue and White

Coming at ya from JMA Interior Decoration in Florida (but first spotted by moi over at my new favorite tumblr, The Handbook Authority, gotta give credit y'all)

I like it.  I like it a lot.

They also did some blue and white business on this yacht.


Ok, ok, ok, ok (Edward's new favorite phrase).  These next two months on the blog are going to be a bit cray cray.  I'm in a holding pattern waiting for the move and it's making me insane because all I want to do is decorate.  But now that it's getting closer, I know I need to hold back and wait until we get in there before making too many more purchases.  The good news is once we get out of this house and into the new house I'll probably be posting 25 times a day asking y'all's opinions on every single thing.  I drive by our new house everyday - it's on the way to the grocery store and no matter how hard I try, I always end up going to the grocery store everyday - anyway, I really want to sneak up and paint the front door.  It's red now and I want it blue.  Would that be inappropriate?

Kk have a good day!
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