White Walls

Yesterday we had the painter here to talk about painting our bedroom and Edward's future big boy room.  My friend, who was over earlier, asked eagerly what colors we were using.  I was like, "ummm Linen White for Edward's room and the same color as our trim  for our bedroom (Benjamin Moore Simply Irresistible)."  She laughed, "you and your white walls."  It's true.  All I want are white walls.  I'm so boring. 

But I love white.  I wear it a lot.  I gravitate toward ads with a lot of white space - I know, random, I was an advertising major.  I can only sleep in white sheets.  And I feel like white walls only serve to highlight beautiful pieces of furniture and fun accent colors, especially blue and white.  I don't need all my walls to be white.  In fact, most of my walls were perfectly papered or painted when we bought the house.  But it seems to be the best choice for these rooms based on what I want to do decor-wise.

So here's my pitch for white.  Notice the rooms with beautiful wood pieces.  I have a whole pin board devoted to white & wood, that's how much I love it. 

via TG Interiors


Traditional Home

via Cote De Texas

Suzanne Rheinstein

Mark D. Sikes in House Beautiful
All of these spaces soothe me.  Of course, this totally may be a function of the post-Christmas need for simplicity.  I know, I'm not alone in that.  Just watch.  Come March, I'll be freaking out, "I neeeed color!!!!" And you'll be like, "Lady, pull it together! You just spent the last 6 months complaining about the color assault on your eyeballs." 

Speaking of color, next week I'm going to reveal my selection for Belclaire House Color of the Year  - the color I need now (Remember when Southern Accents did that series.  sigh....) Any guesses? Hint: not white sillies.

Ok have a lovely day!
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