Have a Fantastic Weekend Team!

Mary McDonald Interiors

This is the bathroom of my dreams.  If I could soak in that tub after a long day of toddler-wrestling and tense negotiations over new dinosaur acquisitions and suckers, well, my life would be perfect.  I try not to think like that, but I'm gonna let myself today.  I need a brain recharge.  The other night I put Edward to bed only to have him calling for me 45 minutes later.  That never happens.  I walked in his room to find I never actually turned out the lights! He was just looking at me like, "silly mommy, how am I supposed to sleep in the light???" I'm just wondering what he did for that 45 minutes before notifying me of my oversight. 

The fabulous tub situation above is from my hero Mary McDonald.  She secured her place in my heart with her own house renovation on Million Dollar Decorators (see a video tour here and some great screen shots here).  Her bedroom made me want to cry, I loved it so much.  And now, she's gone and teamed up with Schumacher for a fab designer collaboration.  It's right up my alley and has me wanting to save up my pennies to use it all over my house.  My favorite is the Chinois Palais in Blush Conch.  But oh to get my hands on all of those fabrics.  It's so good y'all.  Sooo good. 

Ok, enjoy your weekend y'all! I have lots of linkies below so grab some drinkies and go to town!

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