Pale Blush Bedroom Love!

Morning lovelies! After reading my Belclaire House Color of the Year post, the super sweet Kimberly Schlegel Whitman pointed me to her pale blush guest room done by one of my favorite Dallas designers, Jan Showers

Umm yes ma'am! The monochromatic color scheme is so soothing and I love the tufted, lucite bench.  Also, how fun are the monogrammed pillows?  I love finding different ways to display a monogram and this allows the monogram to peek out while also allowing for some throw pillows. Very genius :)  I could totally take a long, luxurious nap in here!* 

*Y'all, sometimes I think about weird things I would do if I became a crazy person and lost all touch with reality. A lot of it involves taking naps in other people's pretty bedrooms. 'Cause. That's. Not. Weird. At. All.  I thought about this a lot when I was 7-months post-partum and had not one, single night of five straight hours of sleep.  I'm sure some of y'all remember how I basically only posted pictures of beds.  I looked at pictures of beds with the same level of enthusiasm and desperation as a tween stalking Justin Bieber's Instagram.  It was a special time.
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