French Country Chic in D Home

Growing up in Highland Park, Texas, I've been privy to some of the most beautiful, tasteful homes I've ever seen, many of which will never end up on the pages of a magazine, but easily could.  I always get excited and inspired when I get a glimpse of interiors from my hometown. There's just something about the way they do things down there.

I don't know the couple in this D Magazine article so it might get awkward when I show up at their house and ask to sleep in their guest room for a couple nights.

Or read a book from start to finish in their special guest sitting room 

Or get bombed next to this fabulous "martini niche" as the magazine calls it (loves it)

I need an acrylic bar cart stat 
And pass out in their backyard as they look out disapprovingly from their amazing windows.

Just kidding. I would never be so inappropriate.  For more of this lovely Dallas home see HERE.

Photography by Stephen Karlisch 
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