I absolutely love this vanity I found on Matters of Style. I love the skirt, the framing on the drawers  and the pretty silver picture frames.  This is for sure going in my Dream Home file.  I've always wanted a vanity, a place to sit and do my make-up in peace while pretending I'm a rich movie star.  I love doing my make-up*.  I find process of transformation very relaxing so having a lovely little place devoted to my beauty rituals would be another ultimate luxury for me. 

*When I was little, my mom did my make-up for the first time. When she turned me around to look in the mirror, I started crying because I couldn't believe how beautiful I looked.  Seriously. What a piece of work right? The Suze often played to my vanity as a child by telling me that eating my vegetables would give me shiny hair or eating the crust would make my cheeks rosy.  It worked too! I was actually pretty vain as a little girl until I went careening into the awkward stage, thus forcing me to develop my stellar personality.  

For a great DIY tutorial on how to create a sink skirt for your bathroom, visit here.  
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