Striped Awnings

This is a house with my neighborhood with striped awnings that I've admired for awhile.  I'm thinking we may need to do something like this on the back of our house.  The Suze loves awnings too as you will remember here

It was 75 degrees today and I literally walked around the neighborhood for over an hour.  My hooves are tired, but it felt so good just to be outside.  I wanted to take a bunch of pictures of houses and such in my neighborhood, but on a day like today errbody is outside and I didn't want to be too much of a creep.  Luckily, I had my child and my dog with me to act as pretend subjects in the event that I got busted.

I generally organize my walks so I can walk past houses that please me.  My neighborhood is very 1970s in architecture, which is not so much my style but I've found a few gems I like.  This one in particular.  Hopefully, I can bring you more pictures on the one day it is nice again in March.
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