Hollywood Glam Bedroom

While I'm anxiously awaiting the premier issue of High Gloss Magazine to go live, I thought I would share a pretty bedroom I cam across in this month's Veranda.  I love the understated glamour of this bedroom by Dallas-based designer Jan Showers.  I am certain that I could never edit a space with as much restraint as is necessary to achieve this look.  When I moved in to my husband's home, I had so much stuff that he said he felt like he was moving a princess into his house.  I am a princess, so I'm glad he recognized that, but sometimes I think enough already and I wish Oprah's organizational expert would come force me to part ways with all my stuuuffff. Actually, I wish he would just do it for me.  I'm not sentimentally attached to most of my things, I'm just lazy.

We are apparently in the middle of an EPIC blizzard, so I'm going to have plenty of time to clean out the playroom surf the net and snuggle my munchkin today.  Enjoy the snow day if you're lucky enough to have one today!
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