My sister is getting married. The engagement story is one that must be shared. Since Kate doesn't have a blog, I hope she doesn't mind if I tell you.

That is her adorable husband to be, Tarek. Kate is a professor and a choreographer. She had a show in Chicago last weekend. She and Tarek went to an art gallery. Kate was hungry. She had low blood sugar. She was most likely crabby. (Ask Steven what a Corby girl is like when she is hungry.) As they walked through a gallery of photography, Kate told Tarek that she wanted to leave and get something to eat. My sister has the metabolism of a hummingbird. He said that he wanted to see just a few more photos. He led her back into another room in the gallery. Upon entering, Kate was surprised to see a photograph of one of her favorite places, the historic Orpheum Theatre in Madison, hanging on the wall. She said, "Look honey, it's an old photograph of the Orpheum." She moved closer to see the title of the print, and the name of the photographer. The label read, "Kate, will you marry me?" She turned around to tell Tarek the shocking title, only to find Tarek on one knee, holding a beautiful emerald ring. "Will you marry me?" he asked. The gallery owner came out with champagne. The print was presented to her as a gift.

Can you stand it?

Here is a great post about how they met. I take full credit. Okay... half credit with Claire.

Meazi has been jumping up and down for days yelling, "Uncle Tarek! Uncle Tarek!"

We are getting ready for the flower girl and ring bearer auditions. We hear the competition is fierce.

Welcome to the family sweet, romantic Tarek. You're a keeper.

Oh, and guess who is the Matron of Honor?

C'est Moi.
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