Reader Request: Sewing Room Ideas

Giveaway winner and reader Linny requested some sewing room ideas and I am oh so happy to oblige.  I would love to have a craft room even though I don't consider myself that crafty. I would just love to have a space to control my mess.  It would be an ultimate luxury for me (in addition to my own dressing room vanity and mudroom).  Here's what I turned up: 

Better Homes & Gardens 

Heather Bailey 

Better Homes & Gardens

Sew 1970s (teehee) via Oh My Bettie 

For those of us who don't have an entire room to devote to crafting, here are some crafting-room-in-a-closet ideas: 

16 Square Foot Craft Studio via Apartment Therapy 

Martha Stewart's sewing-room-in-a-closet

via Yellow Songbird 

Bookcase Armoire from Martha Stewart 

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