I Can Meet the Artist, Get to Know Him Personally- Chris Koch

Woman Smiling

I have incredibly talented friends. The above picture was taken by Chris Koch. Chris will have several prints available at our auction on April 17th. Don't forget to get your ticket!

This isn't the first time I have had one of Chris' photos on my blog. He took these early photos of M and m that I just adore. I feel like he really captured their spirits.


Chris is one of those people who is incredibly talented at many different things, (which would kind of be annoying if he wasn't such an incredibly kind person). He is a director of film and television. His newest venture is the hilarious TV show Traffic Light, which is getting great reviews. He is a photographer (obviously), and a composer as well.

 He also has a heart for Ethiopia and Ethiopians, especially these two...

We are all members of the Chris Koch fan club, especially Meazi...

Chris has a fantastic sense of humor. He is a leader. He is very, very, generous. We try to hang around him as much as we can. He can lighten a lousy day in mere seconds. I am thrilled that he is allowing us to share some of his photos at our event.

These prints are heart-stopping. He manages, remarkably, to capture the spirit of Ethiopia- the sadness and the joy.

Thank you Chris. Thank you for sharing your talent. Thank you for building a school. Thank you for your friendship.
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