How do you say grateful in Amharic?

As you know, we are trying to build a library and a school in rural Ethiopia. If we are successful it will be the first school this village, Kololo has ever had. There are so many amazing things that have happened. There are so many ways that people are helping -runners, jewelers, 5k organizers, runners, pasta party planners, quilters, artists. People are reaching out in inspiring and wonderful ways. And those are just some of the people that I know, or who read this blog. I found someone to donate 180 t-shirts, and I found someone else willing to donate the ink to put Yadi's beautiful design on them. The first responders are going to work at the event. Things are coming together. We are raising the money.

Yesterday I discovered that my friends Amy and Jodi had created an entire clothing line. The proceeds of sales will go to the school. Unbelievable. Astonishing. Jodi has been working for months making the designs. Here are some of them, modeled by my favorite models who, unfortunately, seem to have a natural knack for this modeling business.

Dear Jodi,
You are an amazing person. Thank you. You didn't tell me what the name of your line is so I am calling it, "Jodiwear".

These are most of the current creations. Jodi will be making more, and is open to orders. Styles and designs will vary.

So. Incredibly. Grateful.
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