Blue & White Jesus and a Prayer

Dear tiny porcelain baby Jesus
All white and blue
I pray You remind me 
that things aren't as important as You.
As I envy and covet things left and right
Such as de Gournay and chinoiserie of blue and white
A closet big enough to have a party in
And a brass bar cart to serve tonic and gin
A sofa of velvet, Stark carpet, yippee!
Oh man I'm doing it again - shame on me!
Everything on and J. crew!
I know that these things aren't as important as You.
I'm grateful for friends and my family
And all of the love You have given to me
Perhaps you have given me all of this stuff
In the form of a blog. Yes that's enough
To sustain me each day with an abundance of wealth
As I honor true blessings of happiness and health.

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