Janie & Jack

This weekend Edward attended his future wife Greta's 1st birthday party.  She is a miracle baby who was born early and weighed only 3 lbs and now she's a thriving, squishy no nonsense little lady who I'm pretty sure will whip Edward into shape should he ever fall out of line.  She's the cutest! So I completely ignored her parents' request not to bring a gift because I love to shop for little girls.  I was soo tempted to buy these Janie and Jack fancy frocks for my future little girl (if I'm blessed with all boys, you can bet I will be borrowing The Suze's old Tootles doll to dress up.  I played with dolls and Barbies waayy later than most girls.  Like I had to play in secret because I didn't want my friends to come over and see.)

Embroidered Silk Dress

Metallic Plaid Duppioni Dress - On Sale! 

Pleated Velveteen Dress - On Sale! 

Silk Duppioni Dress - On Sale!  
Tiered Georgette Dress - On Sale! *

As you can see most of them are on sale now too! These would be lovely gifts for the little girl or future little girl in your life.  

*Friends of MFAMB she'll take the last one in a size 6-7 ... I would totes buy it for her if I wasn't already in trouble for all of the purchases I've made this Christmas.  I'm so dreading the post-New Year's Come To Jesus budget talk.  This is why I would be a great billionaire.  I would be like a Secret Santa for everyone! People would be all, "who bought this car that's in my driveway?" Meanwhile, I'd be hiding in the bushes next door smiling to myself knowingly.  Basically, I'd be Oprah, but creepy and hiding in bushes.  

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