Wouldn't this be lovely?

I know many of you have seen this before, but my head is here right now.  Imagine cozy PJs, a bowl of spaghetti (my comfort food of choice) and a TV playing a marathon of some mind numbing awesomeness like Real Housewives or the Kardashians (I mean, I'd like to think I would read, but that seems like a lot of effort).  I could also sleep here.  Sleep, eat, stare at the wall, sleep.  The perfect post-holiday time out :) 

Edward had a wonderful Christmas and the funniest reaction to Santa's delivery.  He was so overwhelmed with excitement he couldn't even come into the room! He spun around in circles and danced and hid behind a table and laughed for about 5 minutes before he could actually approach his new toys.  I have it on video and if I can ever figure out how to share it with you I will because it was amazing.  Christmas is so much more fun as a parent.  

We're getting ready for a trip to Costa Rica! I'm going to work on a few simple posts for that week.  Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend! 

* Also, I'd love any recommendations on books to read on the beach or things we must see or do in Costa Rica! 
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